Sharon Darrow Education Info

The most important lessons I’ve learned in life have come from experience.  I loved school, always got great grades, and planned on becoming a vet.  That dream went awry when I met a boy during the summer before going off to college.  We were in love, as sure as any star-struck teenagers could be, and decided to marry after I finished school. That lasted one whole semester, when I quit (parents were thrilled!) to get married.  My formal education plans didn’t last, but the marriage has for over 48 years.  And that is a true education in itself!

I firmly believe that there are no accidents in life, and that everything single experience we have teaches us something.  I’ve found that the hardest, most painful things that happen to us can be the most important for us as well.  Sometimes it takes years before we can look back and understand what we learned and how we were strengthened by a difficult thing we lived through.  The older I get the more I believe every single day is a special gift, to enjoy and be grateful for.


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