I’m a woman wearing many hats, but I’m also having more fun and doing more things than ever before. My company, Travel ID Cards, was established in 2008 and is doing well marketing a wide range of Photo ID products, including our unique KidsTravelCards, TeenTravelCards, AdultInfoCards, and PetTravelCards.

Animal rescue is still a huge part of my life, including working an all volunteer monthly Spay and Neuter Clinic which has been fixing around 40 cats each month for over six years. I’m still mentoring and teaching individuals and rescue groups on properly caring for neonatal kittens, both in person and through my award-winning first book, “Bottlekatz, A Complete Care Guide for Orphan Kittens”.

My passion for reading has turned into a passion for writing, especially since the publication of the memoir “From Hindsight to Insight: A Traditional to Metaphysical Memoir”. This book, which was first published under the title “…and the good lord remains anonymous,”  contains true stories from my life about an incredibly wide range of topics, including suicide, Hell’s Angels, bi-polar disorder, families, autism, building a business, National Association of Professional Women, reincarnation, cancer, ghosts, dealing with death, business failure, spirituality, business success, dreams, Syda Yoga, knife wielding hitchhikers, and more. Maybe that’s why some people aren’t sure whether to call me phsyco or psychic!

A third book, “Faces of Rescue”, contains stories and many full-color pictures from over 20 years of rescuing animals.  One of the purposes for writing this book was to support animal rescue, which is why groups can purchase the book in bulk directly from me at a reduced, wholesale price so they can resell retail to earn money.

One more book in the pipeline, with a tentative title of  “Laura’s Dash, The Story of One Woman’s Amazing, Ordinary Life” will be the true story of my maternal grandmother, who lived from 1903 through 1966.

Thanks to all I’ve learned through building my business, writing and marketing my books, and teaching rescue classes, I’m now also a Public Speaker, giving inspirational, entertaining and interactive talks for companies, organizations and events. It’s absolutely wonderful to be able to help other people by sharing what I’ve learned from amazing teachers and from life itself.

The best part about continuing to grow and learn as I grow older is the support from my wonderful family. No man could be more supportive than my husband of 48  years. And no woman could be prouder of two daughters than I am of my girls. And grandchildren? Every grandparent raves about how wonderful their grandkids are, but I’m sure my four are smarter, cuter, more intelligent, more loving……. okay, maybe not quite the most amazing on earth, but pretty darn great.

The day we were engaged, at 19 and 17.

The day we were engaged, at 19 and 17.

Stan, Sharon

We’ve changed a lot, but still in love

I’m writing my blogs to share thoughts and ideas, but also to listen to as many people as possible. I love getting comments from people about stories I write, and look forward to lots more dialogue from readers.


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