Immortality From Magic Memories

My Friend is Dying“,                        Phylosophy - sunlit clouds

posted on 1/26/15, was hard to write.  I wrote it to express and share the difficult process of watching a close friend as her life ended.  After her death I helped plan a memorial celebration for her family and friends.

After Death: Mourn, Memorialize, then Celebrate Life!” images-3

was written as we prepared the memorial, which was a celebration of her life.  It was very special, and provided a warm, loving closure for both friends and family.

Now several months have passed, and the memories of my friend bring smiles rather than tears.  I felt her transition after death so am confident that she’s fine, but no one can say for sure what the afterlife is like.  Regardless of our beliefs, our religion, or our suppositions, we do know people achieve different kinds of immortality here on earth.

Every time I think about my friend, Scottie, she lives in my memory.  Every single time someone quotes a phrase from a classical novel, watches a Shakespearean play, listens to a moving piece of music, or admires an ancient statue in a museum, the creators live while their creations are admired and enjoyed.  When family members gather for a celebration and share memories and stories about friends and relatives that have passed on, those people live again through the conversation.  This is part of life after death, immortality here on earth.

If living on in memory is a type of immortality, it means that we each can create the way we’re remembered.  Every action we take, every story we tell, every time we lose our temper or ignore our conscience, we may be creating a memory that will outlive us.  The realization that everything we do, say, or create might survive for generations creates a huge responsibility, weighty with multiple possibilities.  As a writer, I hope my words will be enjoyed for many years.   I always try to create something of value, something that might make a reader’s day a little bit brighter just because they read my work.  As a human being, I should also remember that my actions, my words, every physical touch, even my expressions can have a lasting impression on someone.

How is your immortality progressing?  If you passed away today, how might you be remembered next year or ten years from now?  Only one person on earth controls your special immortality, and that person is looking back at you in the mirror!

Just a note in closing.  Your comments mean a lot, so please send me your thoughts.  I’d truly appreciate it.  And if you like my writing style and subjects, you will enjoy my book, From Hindsight to Insight, A Traditional to Metaphysical Memoir.

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