Brand New Resource for Writers!

Many people have a book in their minds, or have been told that they should write a book about their experiences.  Only a small percentage actually do it, but then the hard part begins.  Turning those private pages into a manuscript, then into a published book, then getting the book into the hands of readers are much more difficult tasks.

Finding expert help for such basic things as editing, illustrating, interior book design (formatting), cover design, publishing, marketing, etc., can be harder than the actual writing of the manuscript.  And getting information out about the author and the book?  Way too many authors learn after the fact that they should have been promoting themselves and their book long before it was available to the public.

Now there is a new online resource for writers in the Sacramento region. is now up and running, with all kinds of valuable information for writers.  Writers groups in the area are listed with links to their websites.   News and events are listed after being submitted by individuals or groups.  A calendar includes all the events listed from every writers group in the area, with links to the source for detailed information.  A writers services page includes listings regarding all those valuable services writers need, with information and links provided by the service provider.  Authors can showcase themselves on the Authors Link page, as well as the Book Launch page for their new books.

If you’re a writer, check the site out for information and for an additional platform opportunity.  If you’re an avid reader, check the site out to learn more about area writers.



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