Yesterday I was introduced to a large family as their Christmas present from the host. That was a first for me! I’d been invited to be part of a wonderful family tradition that solves the problem of family members being pulled all different ways on the holidays. This family is centered in El Dorado Hills, California. The adult kids spend the actual holidays with their own nuclear families on Christmas, but all come back to be with their parents on a weekend during the first part of December. Everybody gets together on Friday, then spends the night for a giant family slumber party. The first night everybody gets matching pajamas or shirts, which they wear for the celebration. Each person just buys and brings one gift, so there is very little financial pressure. This year the parents of the clan had a very special gift for everyone — me!

Sounds crazy, but I was invited to give Numerology readings to each member of the family. Nobody had ever had one, but they all thought it was lots of fun and something truly unique. It took me about four hours to read for everyone, but it was a joy to get to know each member of this wonderful group. I wasn’t concerned about convincing anybody of the intrinsic value or prophetic properties of Numerology, just in sharing what I could deduce about their personalities, challenges, and gifts. Each person left me feeling better about themselves, and curious about what their relatives had learned. They planned on waiting until everybody was done, but started the sharing early because they just couldn’t wait.

My part in this tradition was very special, but I am most impressed with the idea of adding this type of celebration to a family holiday tradition. It was a lovely way to get the grown kids and their families back together with the parents for the holiday, leaving the actual day open for nuclear family celebrations. I was told this annual tradition has been going on for fourteen years, and I think it’s well worth sharing!


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