Safe for People and Pets, Non-Toxic way to rid your home of insects and spiders

This is a great post! I knew about the product for outside, but there are excellent suggestions for safe use inside the house.

Sunny Sleevez

SAFE BLOG insect killer diatomaceous earthHaving children has taught me to look at bugs differently especially spiders

I have learned to appreciate their incredible skill and beauty the picture above is an Orb Weaver this beauty with her legs stretched out fully would be  slightly larger than the palm of my hand, she is completely harmless (to us) and does a marvelous job catching unwanted flies from above our outside garbage.

However several of her less appealing relatives have taken up residence on the ground behind the bin creating their telltale diagonal web tents which are perfect to show off their infamous red hourglass markings. Spraying some nasty chemicals outside to rid ourselves of black widows I have no problem with but I found myself in quite a quandary when a similar web appeared by the fire place in the sitting room, this unwanted visitor had most likely hitchhiked inside a log.

Having children and…

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