What do you want? The best gifts of all!

Recently my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  He was frustrated by my reply, because I didn’t have an answer for him.  I wasn’t trying to be coy, but truly couldn’t think of something I needed or wanted.  Things for our house we always choose together, he can’t really buy clothes without me to try them on, and I’m missing the common female gene that causes women to crave jewelry, perfume or shoes.  My husband is a pretty smart guy though, and made the perfect choice.  Instead of  buying a gift, we took a day trip to Apple Hill and just enjoyed one another’s company.

We’re always so busy in our lives that just spending time together can be the most precious gift of all.  I love my husband’s thoughtfulness, much more than I value gifts that are expected or programmed.  Flowers are a favorite of mine, but he seldom brings them on traditional holidays.  Instead he’ll bring me a bouquet for no reason at all, except that he loves me.  Those are the best flowers of all.  They don’t have to be in beautiful boxes or with crystal vases, just paper around an arrangement from Costco or the grocery store, delivered with a smile and a hug.  And personal time is the very same way.  Nothing is sweeter or sexier than suddenly having him come up and wrap his arms around me and say “have I told you today that I love you?”  And I might add that we aren’t kids just after a honeymoon.  We will soon celebrate our 48th. anniversary.

Have you ever looked back at old holiday pictures and  reminisced about the fun you had that day?  Next time you look at photos of family and friends around a Christmas tree, try to remember what gifts you received that day.  Memories of the warmth, the jokes and fun, even the stories that were shared remain in our minds through the years, but the gifts we spent so much money on fades from our mind.  Perhaps that means we might do better building lasting memories with things that truly matter, rather than worrying quite so much about material things.


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