Desperate Kitten

After nearly 25 years of kitten rescue, you would think some things would have improved.  Unfortunately, we still see the same types of animals in desperate need of help.  A very sick kitten was found and brought to me by some very nice, very concerned people.  The baby was so thin and covered with fleas.  Since I have worked in kitten rescue for many years with local groups and veterinarians, I have a variety of supplies on hand, and was able to provide them with antibiotics and advice on what to do.  Unfortunately, they had great intentions but were not as observant on watching his weight as I would like.  Ten days later they brought him back, saying he hadn’t improved.  He was clearly starving, so weak he could barely stand, and with sores inside his mouth.  I offered to take over his care to try and get him over the hump, and immediately followed up with rescue friends and vets.  The baby was put on an intensive regimen of medications, fluids, heated bedding, and hand-feedings to try to save him.  After two days of constant care, he went to sleep with a full tummy in a warm bed, and never woke up.  So many tears from so many people who really cared.  The part that really hurts, though, is that this happens over and over and over again simply because the number of caring people is so small compared to the number of people who won’t take care of their animals, who won’t get their animals fixed, and who won’t support TNR (trap, neuter and release) programs for unowned cats.  As a society we create the problems by our neglect, then those who care have their hearts broken by watching a sweet, trusting baby die.


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