Brand new car — but we weren’t ready to buy!

There is a brand new car, a little Honda Fit, sitting in my driveway.  It’s pretty and shiny, but  looks strange in our big Nissan Xterra’s place.  We had decided the lousy gas mileage on my beloved Xterra was eating us alive, as well as the fact that we were facing some pretty high maintenance costs in the coming months.  My husband did lots of online research on the best cars for us, given our different parameters.  It had to be big enough for him to feel comfortable driving, big enough for our Great Dane, it had to have great gas mileage and room for us and our grandkids.  I also want a car that is very responsive and fun to drive.  I don’t speed, but when I want to punch it, I expect a car to jump up and go.  I also want the steering and turning to feel solid and tight.  We decided on the Fit, and figured the next step was a test drive — but we absolutely were not going to purchase the same day.

My husband, Stan, made our intentions quite clear to the salesman.  Years ago Stan was a special finance guy at a car dealership, so he knows all the tricks and tools of car sales.  Carl, the Honda salesman, was very nice and promised not to push.  The test drive was great — love that new car smell — the little Fit felt solid as a rock and handled very well.  Decision made, we told Carl we would stay in touch and see him in a few days.  Then he told us about a Fit with a very cool color on the lot, the only one they had in that color, parked out near the highway.  We left, but drove by to see it.  The beautiful teal (they called it blue raspberry) was irresistible, so we had to get out to take a closer look.  

We were so organized, so well intentioned, so sure of ourselves, how did we let a color change all that?  Oh well, we got what we wanted for our Xterra, an incredibly low interest rate, and the only Fit on the lot in that gorgeous color.  I guess we weren’t as smart as we thought, to have all our planning go awry for something as simplistic as a color.  Carl probably laughed all the way home, thinking about how his suggestion that we look at that one car on our way home turned the tables on our good intentions.  We were prepared to counter all the other tried and true sales techniques, but were done in by a pretty color!


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