Back to school night!

I often serve as a “third parent” for twin grandsons, so attended Back to School night this evening.  No kids were invited, this was just for communication between teachers and parents/guardians.  Our boys just started middle school, which is the toughest age of all.  My daughter and I split up the classroom visits, so all the teachers were covered and both boys would know they were fully represented.  I don’t know what I expected, but was definitely impressed.  

The Principal and Vice Principal both emphasized their purpose of helping the kids, getting to know the kids, and being available to kids or parents whenever they might be needed.  They were also very excited and proud to announce that the school (Andrew Carnegie Middle School) has once again been named as the best middle school in the district.  All the teachers were clear on their procedures, their goals, and their plans to make sure the kids were engaged and fully understanding what they learned.  Each of the teachers made comments about how happy they were to be part of the Carnegie staff.  

The classrooms were all full of parents, too, with far more participation than I expected.  In fact, when we left, all the streets for blocks around were lined with cars. Clearly this school demonstrated the power of cooperation, participation, dedication and excitement between school staff, parents, and children.  No wonder they’re rated the best! 


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